traffic management implementation refresher

Implement Traffic Management Plans – Course for renewal of TMI qualifications (Queensland only)
Renewal Frequency
Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) officers are responsible to ensure that they maintain current qualifications to allow them to continue performing traffic management duties.
TMI officers must renew their qualifications every three (3) years and No traffic management duties should be undertaken if their qualification has expired.
Accreditation Renewal Requirements
To continue to be recognised as a TMI officer in Queensland you must demonstrate ongoing familiarity with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 3 . and any relevant changes to road rules by completing a refresher training course before the date of expiry.
It is expected that the refresher course would be delivered in a minimum of four hours. This timeframe may be extended if additional training needs are identified during the course.
Course Information
The Traffic Management Implementation renewal course comprises the national competency unit RIIWHS302D Implement Traffic Management Plan and consists of two parts.
Part one: In-house training course
The in house component is delivered over a half day in a classroom environment using TMR Queensland approved training resources and includes simulated exercises.
Part two: Currency of Industry Practice
Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience, usually combined with a relevant industry qualification. A person who has vocational competency will be familiar with the content of the vocation and will have relevant current experience in the industry.
Currency of industry practice for the purposes of renewing a TMI qualification means that the TMI officer has within the three-year period of being qualified, practiced as a TMI Officer.
Topics Covered
Theory assessment is open book requiring a 100% pass mark for candidates to be marked as successful.
Currency of industry practice evidence may include:
• A third party report logging a minimum of three (3) site set ups, completed on live sites to the satisfaction of the RTO.
• Log books/ job sheets
• Copies of recent permits/ TGS diagrams/ Signage Sheets implemented
All third party reports must be signed and verified by a competent person onsite (holder of a current TMI card) confirming that the participant did complete the set-ups. Site set ups must be submitted within a three (3) months from the course date.
Note: Participants are able to submit the three (3) set-ups of a different nature i.e. Stop/Slow, Contra Flow, Road Closure etc. implemented in the previous eight (8) weeks to the course as evidence for assessment.
Requirement to meet Competency Standard
Candidates will be the issue of a ‘Statement of Attainment’ for the RIIWHS302D Implement Traffic Management Plans upon successful completion of both the theory and practical components.
What if I am currently an interstate Traffic Management Implementation officer?
You are only authorised to implement a traffic guidance scheme on state-controlled roads in Queensland if you have successfully undertaken the Department of Transport and Main Roads Traffic Management Implementation training package. If you are currently an interstate Traffic Management Implementation officer, you may be able to undertake a refresher training course (rather than the complete training course). For more information, contact our office.