Verification of Competency (VOC)

VOC Verification Of Competency

GL Training and Safety offer a complete Verification of Competency service from hand held tools through to High Risk Licences. Upon completion we issue a verification of Competency Certificate

What is Verification of Competency? (VOC)

The VOC process is used to ensure that staff can operate plant and equipment in a safe manner. And that they can operate according to site requirements before the expense of hiring the operator and discovering that the employee does not have the necessary skills for the task or has damaged the equipment due to poor skills.

Most employers are now outsourcing these services to accredited trainers and Registered Training Organisations to assist in their duty of care to provide a safe workplace. GL Training and Safety offers a full program from hand tools through to High Risk Work Licences with our assessments derived from National units of Competency, Legislation and Best Practice.

GL Training and Safety assessors are all qualified and hold the unit of competency. They have worked within the construction industry for many years and have conducted assessments for Bechtel, Lend lease, Santos and Fulton Hogan to name a few.

VOC Assessments are conducted onsite or at one of our training facilities and are accompanied by a full report on the candidate.

In some cases we have been requested to conduct these assessments as some insurance companies are now asking for proof of competency before issuing cover.

Why out source this?

At the beginning employers would conduct these assessments in house using a member of staff, but some found that once an incident had occurred the staff member had not adequately completed the process and in some cases assessments for mates had taken place without the employee having operated the plant or machinery before.

GL Training and Safety takes this risk away by using accredited assessors to complete the assessments who have the up to date knowledge of current safety training requirements.

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